Staying Lean

  • By: Al Smith – President and CEO of the Fresno Chamber of Commerce

Whew!  Is it over?

For more years than one would want, everyone – especially small business – has had to make quick adjustments just to survive the economic downturn.  Those who didn’t, (unfortunately, many of our friends) didn’t make it.

Those who did make it through developed a more solid foundation. The environment forced many to shed dispensable practices and focus more narrowly on core business.  The recipe for survival was to just keep the lights on, pay rent on time and make payroll.

Now, the experts tell us things are better.  Unemployment is down, stock market is up, government is working with a balanced budget, and services are being restored. All in all, people are feeling better about the future. After a few years of contraction, even the Chamber membership is growing again.

Lest we get giddy, yesterday’s pain is easy to forget. From the Governor on down, many are warning caution as we climb out of this mess.

So as an organization that represents business, what can we do to help keep businesses lean and mean?

Well, if your company needs staff training, maybe there is a role the Chamber can play. Take a look at our monthly Small Business University that provides educational opportunities in areas such as social media, ADA compliance, sales training and many more.

Government regulations weighing you down? Instead of hiring a government relations person or lobbyist, the Chamber is set up to be an effective voice representing you in Fresno, Sacramento and Washington. If you’ve got a problem, give us a call.

Trying to identify more prospective customers?  We have mixers, Ambassador meetings, and other chamber events which are loaded with fellow business people trying to do the same thing. Join the crowd of friendly faces and make new contacts.

The Chamber’s purpose is to assist business wherever we can. We are ready to help.  And if we can’t do it, odds are we can direct you to who can. We are just a phone call or e-mail away.


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