Telling your Story

  • By Jack Hall: Chamber Chairman of the Board – Director of External Affairs, Comcast

What’s the first thing you do when you meet someone new? You ask them to tell you their story. Few people do this well.  By the time they’re done, you can’t remember it even started.  But, everyone has a story to tell and that story deserves to be told well.

Your story is the new marketing. What happens when I Google you? What’s on your LinkedIn or Facebook page? What is being tweeted about your business and how many followers do you have? Insta-what?

Remember when it was all about your webpage? They are still is relevant for a business but there is so much more to your story.  In today’s communications environment, if you’re not telling your story through all potential mediums, someone else is telling it for you.

Our Chamber members, their businesses, their organizations, all have personal and professional experiences that have brought them to where they are today. Can you tell that story? Probably not as well as you think you do. We take our stories for granted; we don’t steward them.Take the time to learn your story. Take ownership of it. We need you to tell it.

Social media has and will continue to change how we tell our story, in ways that are unlike any other tool we have in our tool box. I suggest using it to your advantage. Having an online presence is like having electricity – it’s mandatory for a business to successfully operate and grow.  The real challenge is how does a business prepare for the next steps? We now function in a media and technology environment that is one. Evolving at a pace that forces you to move forward or fall behind your competitors.

The Chamber recognizes this and offers numerous educational opportunities for its members like Small Business University. In the upcoming months, they’ll be hosting sessions on communications and on marketing. Attend one of these meetings to asses where your business is at and where it might need to be.

The other area that we must be great at is our ability to tell our story.  The Chamber has numerous opportunities for that to happen. One of the easiest ways to hone that skill is to attend the free Membership Mixers hosted at a local member’s business.  The last one I attended had over 100 attendees. In the past few weeks the Chamber also had two amazing public events; the 120th Annual Installation Gala and a sold-out Eggs and Issues breakfast with Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer. Anyone who attended these events will tell you how fantastic they were, who they met, and what they learned. These are superb opportunities, don’t let them slip by.

Like technology, our stories are evolving.  Stay current, reinvent it, and join us in 2014 as we tell our story.


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