What Brand Are You?

  • By Matthew Rosenfeld, VP/GM KSEE24/CBS47 and Chairman of the Board of the Fresno Chamber of Commerce

The topic of personal branding has been popular as of late for good reason.  People are waking up to the fact that personal branding is not just for the Hollywood elite or NFL stars.  They see the importance in understanding what a personal brand is and discovering their own personal brand.

Let’s face it.  We all have a brand.  We all have certain characters, personality, mannerisms and traits that allow others to create their perception of us.  Think about it; people are constantly sizing us up and trying to stereotype us.  They take their perception and find the right place to file us in their mental filing cabinet.

Companies spend millions of dollars to create their polished brand with the goal to raise the value of how consumers perceive their products. Likewise, personal branding is the process of taking control of how others perceive you.  This process is important because you can increase your perceived value and create a buzz about your most important product – You.

So what’s your brand?  How do others see you?  How do you create and promote your brand?  All good questions and there are a plethora of books to get you started on the path to personal brand building.

The popularity and ease of the internet and social media also means it’s easier than ever to promote and build your brand once you create one. If you’re in the business community, whether you are the CEO of a major company or an entry level sales person in your first job, your personal brand can be critical to your success.

As a member of the Fresno Chamber of Commerce, you have many tools at your disposal which can help you create your powerful personal brand.  Business education gives you the information you need to build your brand and to rise above your competition.  For instance, the Chamber’s Small Business University offers a variety of classes throughout the year dedicated to ensuring members of the Chamber and business community as a whole are up to date on the “need to know” information that will help them maintain a competitive edge.

For personal, professional development, Leadership Fresno is the premier community leadership training program created by the Fresno Chamber.  It is dedicated to recruiting, equipping, engaging and uniting present and future leaders of our community, regardless of age or experience. The program places a strong emphasis on helping its participants make a difference in our community.  Leadership Fresno is an ideal place to get the information to build your brand.

In addition to these examples, there are a myriad of Chamber committees which also allow you to gain insight on a variety of topics ranging from governmental affairs, the environment, and education.

The Chamber also affords you the opportunity to broadcast your brand to the business community.  Monthly networking mixers allow you to share your brand and properly position yourself above your competition.  You can take your brand to several excellent events throughout the year like the Leon S. Peters awards, the Valley Business Conference, the State of the City luncheon, the Ag Awards Luncheon and many more.

Invest the time to create your brand.  Then take it on the road to success. As always, you can count on the Fresno Chamber of Commerce to provide you with “road service” any time you need it along the way.


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