WALK MS 2013

  • By: Chamber Ambassadors, Christy Nottingham – Jack Arbuckle Company and Scott Karl – Pacific Advisors

On Saturday, April 13, 2013, the Chamber Ambassador Committee represented their group at WALK MS 2013 in Woodward Park (an event which raised $137,600). Their participation was a reflection of their dedication to get involved and desire to make a difference in the community.

Two of the day’s participants, Christy Nottingham of Jack Arbuckle Company and Scott Karl of Pacific Advisors took some time to share their experience not only the event, but with the Ambassador Committee.

Christy Nottingham:

I moved to Fresno roughly almost 2 years ago and immediately prioritized getting involved in the Chamber.  A fellow member encouraged me to attend a future Ambassador’s luncheon as a way to build my network, mentioning it has some truly wonderful people involved who know how to play as hard as they work. Taking his advice, I went to my first meeting and met a group that not only loved Fresno, but seemed to genuinely care about one another. I joined the committee and began getting involved with ribbon cuttings, ground breakings and mixers – taking on whatever role was most helpful.

As a group, Ambassadors go beyond what is required by the committee charter. Whether it is coming together in prayer to support those in need, taking active roles in the community or lending a helping hand to a fellow member, we are happy to do it all! I am proud to be part of the Chamber Ambassadors because this is one amazing group of people!

One of the “above and beyond” activities I recently took part in was the MS Walk-a-thon.  A fellow Ambassador, Fotini, not only struggles with MS, but is a key individual involved with the MS Society . A small group of us decided that joining with Fotini for the walk would be a great way to support her in her journey!

Upon arrival, I couldn’t help but feel a bit overcome by the sheer number of people who, like us, came out to support the Society  by walking. The weather was perfect, water stations were set up every mile with food available, and volunteers all over the course cheered us on.  The event may have been for a cause, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t also a lot of fun – we all had a great time! While strolling with a fellow Ambassador, I found myself struck by what a wonderful opportunity this was to get to know him, and others in attendance, better. We ended the walk under an arch of balloons and were given a medallion for completing the walk. Such an encouraging and rewarding experience!

I have to say, this was a delightful day with awesome people. I’m so glad I was involved!

Scott Karl:

As a long time Ambassador, I try to get involved with my fellow committee members’ events whenever possible. When I heard about the MS Walk, I thought it was something that I definitely wanted to be involved in. I was so excited for Fotini when I arrived and saw what a fantastic turn out the event received. It looked to me like there were several thousand people in attendance, all appearing to have friendly demeanors and high spirits. To top it all off, you couldn’t have asked for better weather or a more beautiful day!

I found myself amazed to see how well the large scale event was organized. Throughout the morning, we would see Fotini in the form of a running blur, talking on her walkie-talkie, ensuring the day’s proceedings went off with out a hitch (mission accomplished!). There were plenty of clean bathrooms, ample seating, more than enough  water bottles and a very tasty lunch. Even the pickiest eater had to be satisfied with the wide array of options available after the walk. Well known eateries like Chick-fil-A and Rubio’s Tacos, among others, provided delicious food to the hungry participants.

To this day, I’m still amazed at how well MS Society ’s volunteers, including our own Fotini, promoted and organized the event. It was great to be a part of it!

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