Support is crucial for Measure G

The City of Fresno is facing serious financial problems that require dramatic actions to resolve.  In the past four years, the City of Fresno has overcome $120 million in budget shortfalls forcing a cutback in city services by reducing general fund government workers by 33%.

The Swearengin administration has proposed privatizing residential trash pickup as a way to decrease trash rates by 17.6% – acquire new revenue by charging a private company franchise fees for the rights to be the exclusive hauler – has built in safeguards to protect the City from future rate increasing and sustaining service and providing all current city workers a least a year of employment, with the hopes that a good job performance will provide jobs for all in future years.

563713_492505207483064_860104214_nThe Chamber recognizes the importance of a strong financial government and in supportive of this on the upcoming June 4th ballot.

Unions have made exaggerated claims about what Measure G will do to the City.  The Chamber urges you to study the details carefully, and hope you will then join us in supporting Measure G at the ballot box. Voter turnout will be essential for success.  Please become a part of setting the direction for an economically healthy Fresno and protecting public safety.

If you would like additional details, please contact Chamber Governmental Affairs Manager, Dawn Steele at (559) 495-4821.


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