Immigration Reform Roundtable Speakers Confirmed for Fresno Chamber’s Valley Business Conference

            Fresno, CA (February 28, 2013) – Today, the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce announced panelists for the 2013 Valley Business Conference’s Roundtable on immigration reform. Speakers include Director of Congressional and Public Affairs of U. S. Chamber of Commerce – Jeff Lungren; Retired Officer in charge of the Fresno Immigration and Naturalization Service – Don L. Riding, and Manual Cunha of the Nisei Farmers League. These individuals will address the recent activity in the Nation’s capital and how possible reforms might impact the Central Valley.

Mr. Lungren served as President George W. Bush’s special assistant before joining the U.S. Chamber where his focus became immigration, health care and labor issues.  He brings to the table more than a dozen years of experience working with Congress and the White House on high-profile actions such as the Patriot Act.

Mr. Riding has spent nearly 40 years working on immigration issues across the country, in states that included Texas, Maryland, Georgia and California.  He served in the Fresno Field Office for Immigration and Naturalization Services from 1984-2003 and is extremely knowledgeable regarding the special needs associated with the Central Valley.

Mr. Cunha is President of the Nisei Farmers League, a valley grower supported organization on the forefront of the immigration issue and its effects on the Valley’s main industry, agriculture.  In this position, Mr. Cunha maintains an up-to-date understanding of this and other issues which fundamentally influence the organization’s members.

“With agriculture, construction and the leisure industry destined to feel the consequences of the actions of Capitol Hill, the policies and legislation that are being debated could be vital to the future economic health of our communities,” stated Al Smith, President and CEO of the Fresno Chamber of Commerce. “This update should be of extreme interest to nearly every member of our business community.”

The blue ribbon panel will convene at the Valley Business Conference’s Business Roundtable, which is scheduled to begin 10 a.m. on Tuesday in the New Exhibit Hall. The Roundtable is free and open to the public.  It precedes the Valley Business Award Luncheon, which beings at noon and will salute the 2013 Leon S. Peters award winner, John E. Horstmann as well as four local entrepreneurs including the Assemi family’s Granville Homes; Dave Fansler of Yosemite Ranch restaurant; Laura Facciani of Facciani Photography and Trinity Revival’s Dayna Kumpe.  Tickets may be acquired for the Luncheon by calling the Fresno Chamber at 559 495-4800 or by clicking here.


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