Central Valley Entrepreneur Winners Announced

Fresno, CA (February 25, 2013) –The Fresno Chamber of Commerce, along with the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Central Valley Business Incubator, is pleased to announce the winners of the Entrepreneur Awards at the Chamber’s Annual Valley Business Awards Luncheon.  “Highlighting the accomplishments of driven individuals in Fresno is something we here at the Chamber are proud to do,” said Al Smith, CEO of the Fresno Chamber, “Entrepreneurs are a big part of what makes Fresno business strong and it is imperative that we acknowledge their hard work.” 

Four awards will be given out at the event.  First, the Harold Zinkin Entrepreneur of the Year award (a local business for over seven years), will be presented to The Assemi Family of Granville Homes for their enormous contribution to the revitalization of downtown and Fresno as a whole. In addition to their city-wide development, this company has made a philanthropic investment in the valley which cannot be overstated. Granville has altruistically devoted time and money to ensure local economic vitality in a way few other entities have. 

The winner of Rising Star of the Year Award (a local business for less than seven years) will be presented to restaurateur Dave Fansler. This innovative entrepreneur has continually explored new avenues of serving the City of Fresno’s palette with culinary delights which have been enthusiastically received by the local market. With successful ventures such as Tahoe Joes, Yosemite Ranch Steakhouse and Pismo’s Coastal Grill, Fansler has opened up dining options all over the city, truly making his mark in a delicious fashion! 

 The winner of the College Entrepreneur of the year is Facciani Photography.  Owner Laura Facciani stands out among fellow college entrepreneurs due to her love for and dedication to advancing her business. According to Nelson Sebra of the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, “Laura is an example for others to follow and she is well beyond her classmates in advancing her already successful business.” 

Finally, the winner of the High School Entrepreneur of the year is Trinity Revival, a clothing company, started by Dayna Kumpe, which takes apparel from local thrift stores and revamps it into something new and improved. With a unique concept and dedication to customer satisfaction, this company is truly making its mark! 

The Chamber will be honoring these winners, and winner of the Leon S. Peters Award – John E. Horstmann, at the Annual Valley Business Awards Luncheon, which will be held on Tuesday, March 5th at the New Exhibit Hall of the Fresno Convention Center from noon to 2:00 p.m. At the event, business and community leaders will gather to celebrate the efforts of these Fresno area entrepreneurs. For questions about the event, please call Chamber Events Manager, Angela Vasquez at (559) 495-4825.



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