John E. Horstmann named recipient of the 2013 Leon S. Peters Award

On January 30, 2013, the Fresno Chamber of Commerce announced the 2013 recipient of the Leon S. Peters Award, John E. Horstmann, at The Downtown Club in Fresno.

John E. Horstmann was chosen as the 2013 recipient of the award based on his position in the community as one of Fresno’s most outstanding stewards, a man who the Selection Committee identified to have exhibited outstanding leadership through devotion of his time and talents in order to better the lives of local residents.  The criterion for the selection of this year’s recipient was based upon his accomplishments, personal and public service, which has exemplified the spirit of an enlightened, responsible free enterprise system.

As said by Judge Robert H. Oliver, in his nomination of Mr. Horstmann: “He exemplifies those virtues which Leon S. Peters lived through his word, action and deeds.” Judge Oliver continued his praise of this community leader by saying, “Jack has been a servant volunteer leader; a national leader in his chosen profession of insurance; a person who, with his wife, Lollie, has been quietly generous with the sharing of fiscal resources; and a man of humility and faith.”

The Leon S. Peters Award honors those who share the characteristics of its namesake, a man who overcame great hardship to become one of the San JoaquinValley’s top business leaders. From a simple beginning, Mr. Peters worked to become a great success while also using his creativity and vision to give back to our community through service on numerous boards and donations totaling millions of dollars in the name of a variety of causes. In short, Leon S. Peters was revered as a businessman, a civic leader, and a philanthropist who devoted his life to the community while living and working according to the highest ethical standards.

According to Chamber President and CEO, Al Smith, “John Horstmann’s contribution to his industry and our community has been exemplary.  When the Leon S. Peters Award was designed, it was tailor-made for leaders like John.  Leon would be proud.”

Mr. Horstmann will be presented with the award at the 34th annual Valley Business Awards Luncheon which will be held on March 5, 2013, at the New Exhibit Hall, 848 M Street.

Previous distinguished recipients of this award include: Dr. Peter Mehas, Dr. Peter P. Peters, Joe Williams, Lou Herwaldt, Bill Jones, Sid Cox, Bud Richter, O. James Woodward III, Samuel Reeves, Octavia Diener, Robert Oliver, Frederick Ruiz, Anne Speake, Larry A. Shehadey, Claude Laval III, Robert Carter, Richard Johanson, James Hallowell, Lou Gentile, Earl Smittcamp, Helen Smades, William Lyles, Martin Nelson, Joe Levy, Frank Caglia, B. Franklin Knapp, James B. Mayer, Robert Duncan and Lewis B. Eaton.


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