2012 Ambassador of the Year Award Winner: Jen Doll of Home Instead Senior Care

For the last year, I have been a dedicated member of the Home Instead Senior Care team. I am passionate about not only my work, but the cause behind it. I am so grateful that they believe in me enough to let me get out there with committees like the Ambassadors, to share our story and mission. 

Back in 1994, in Omaha, Nebraska, Paul and Lori Hogan founded the Home Instead Senior Care Franchise. This was a result of trying to find care for their grandmother, Eleanor Manhart. Paul and Lori realized the need for a non-medical home care and senior companionship service which could help seniors live independently, helping families like theirs.

David Phillips is the Franchise owner here in Fresno. He has been a father figure to me and someone I highly admire in this industry. In 1996, he began to open franchise offices on the west coast, beginning with Fresno (which happens to also be the first In Home Care in the State of California), then Modesto and Stockton and even Spokane, Washington.

In the few short years since beginning his endeavor, he won multiple achievement awards… and he wonders where I learned how to be such a piranha!? He continually works to build awareness for our aging population, their desire to remain in their own homes, and is an outspoken advocate for their safety. Like him I am very passionate about our aging population

“To Us, It’s Personal,” and for me that’s especially true. Being a family caregiver for over 20 years for my own father, caring for my grandmother long distance, and now for my mom who lives with me, I truly live and breathe Home Instead’s mission, as well as what it represents. That being said, I must say that I will be ever grateful for wonderful resources like caregiverstress.com, which helps keep all of us struggling with caring for our loved ones a little more sane. It is my mission to let everyone know what an important yet challenging job this is. At times, knowing that the support is there is all that keeps us going.  

Those who know me are aware that my grandmother is my BEST friend, and that I greatly miss my late grandfather who was my hero. Between my Grandfather being a WWII turret gunner who flew over 30 missions along side the Memphis Bell and my grandmother working in the meat packers union as the secretary for Jimmy Hoffa Senior, it’s easy to see why I can’t get enough of the rich history of our aging population. It is an amazing honor to represent these people, our phenomenal city and a company that has such a great history and deep, personal roots.

As I accept this award, I want to thank those who made it possible! First, David and Pennie Phillips, who are truly great franchise owners and wonderful bosses. Under them, I have been allowed to spread my wings and fly. To them, I’d like to say, I hope your favorite piranha has done you proud by being the first Community Service Representative in Home Instead’s History to get this award. I hope other franchises will give their employees the chance to do the same! I would also like to thank my husband, not only for putting up with me, but for being my rock and biggest supporter. He also gave me an amazing stepdaughter who brings love and blessings to my life on a daily basis.

Finally, a big “Thank you” to the Fresno Chamber of Commerce and all my Ambassadors for the support with not only Be a Santa to a Senior, but the constant encouragement and professionalism I see on a regular basis. You are what makes this city great and the future bright!


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