Chamber Takes Leadership Role in Business Education

  • By: Chamber Chairman of the Board, Matt Rosenfeld – President & General Manager, KSEE 24  

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”  These words were Nelson Mandela’s, and history has proven him correct. He’s not alone in his sentiment.

Mayor Ashley Swearengin wants to use education to help change the future of Fresno. She calls adult education and job training the path to prosperity. But sometimes, that path has obstacles. That’s why she helped launch the “Learn2Earn” initiative. It is designed to help adults get the education and training they need to succeed in a changing workplace. With our history of high unemployment in the Central Valley, the program really does make sense.

Of course, continuing education isn’t just for the rank and file. Business leaders need to grow as well.

That’s why the Fresno Chamber of Commerce continues to take a leadership role in educating the business community. The Chamber’s Small Business University (SBU) offers seminars on important business topics.  Federal health care reform, social media marketing, the legal challenges of using social media, and ADA compliance are some of the topics that have been addressed.

Those who took part in past Chamber seminars are better for it. It has helped them perform at a higher level, and, in the business world, that means staying on top. Of course the Chamber isn’t content to leave well enough alone. This New Year will see a fresh list of topics meant to cater to the needs of our business community. 

And there’s more to the Chamber’s Small Business University than seminars. Many have taken advantage of our Roundtables. These are great events where business people come together to share best practices, review valuable information and provide mutual guidance and support. The Roundtables are wonderful opportunities to network while learning a thing or two. They can also be a lot of fun.

Leadership Fresno is yet another Chamber educational initiative worth spotlighting.  For almost 30 years, Leadership Fresno has been a proven outlet for people in the business community to come together to learn more about their city, network with other like-minded individuals and work together to improve their surroundings. 

No matter whether you’re starting your career or you’re an industry veteran, continuing education is a powerful weapon. 

Use it wisely and you’ll hit your target. The Fresno Chamber of Commerce will make it easy for you.



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