Measure “F” Reforms Fresno’s Fiscal Practices

Councilmembers Andreas Borgeas and Lee Brand conducted a comprehensive review of the City Charter in 2011. Based on their recommendations, the City Council voted to approve the creation of a Charter Review Committee and tasked it with examining budget policies, government structure and fiscal practices. The Mayor and Council appointed the nine-member committee. After months of review and extensive community input, the Committee presented its findings and recommendations to the City Council earlier this year. The Council debated the recommendations and selected three fiscal management reforms to incorporate into the City Charter, to be voted upon in the November election as Measure “F”. 

Measure F is comprised of three Charter reforms that formalize crucial fiscal management policies for the City, including (i) reserve, (ii) debt management, and (iii) due diligence policies. These Charter reforms will provide future City leaders with clear guidelines for the issuance and management of debt, will establish reserve funds for unforeseen contingencies and emergencies; and will mandate due diligence policies to evaluate proposals for financial assistance to prevent against poorly planned investments such as the Met Museum and Granite Park.

We urge you to support sound fiscal management practices that will help restore and maintain fiscal solvency for the City. Vote Yes on Measure “F”. For a more detailed review of these policies please go to the


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