Fresno Chamber PAC Issues First Endorsements in the June 2012 Election

Fresno, CA (March 23, 2012) – The Fresno Chamber of Commerce’s Political Action Committee has issued its first endorsements for the June primary election by supporting three business-friendly candidates who are running for state and federal offices.

The Chamber PAC is supporting Ashley Swearengin for Mayor of the City of Fresno, Debbie Poochigian for County Board of Supervisors, District 5, and Lee Brand for Fresno City Council District 6.

“Our city and our county are at a crucial tipping point concerning the future health of our community and its citizens,” Chamber President and CEO, Al Smith stated. “Business has the ability to be a vital contributor to the improvement of our environment and Mayor Swearengin, Councilmember Brand and Supervisor Poochigian have demonstrated an awareness of this fact, joining in a partnership with the job creators – the business segment – toward that noble end.”

The Chamber PAC is continuing to interview candidates for other offices in the upcoming primary and will be announcing additional endorsements at a later date.


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