Fresno Chamber Ambassador of the Year for 2011: Vickie Goudreau, Innovation Commercial Flooring

Although Ms. Vickie Goudreau was born in Michigan, she has lived most of her life in California, starting in Orange County, then moving up to Chico, relocating in Mendocino, going up to Eureka, followed by moving down to Pismo Beach and ending up in Clovis.

Vickie and her husband, Wayne, will be celebrating their 35th Wedding Anniversary this year.  They are both very proud of their 4 adult daughters, all of whom have worked in the family business, Innovation Commercial Flooring.  Presently, the couple has 5 grandchildren.  Since moving to the Valley in 2002, the Goudreaus’ have established the Central Valley as their home base for their parents and all four of their daughters have lived in the area at various points in their lives.  The couple believes that their roots are going deep into the Valley.

According to Vickie, “Moving to the Central Valley was like an arranged marriage; I had no idea what to expect. However, living here meant loving it.  Nothing less was an option.  Today, I love and promote the Valley so much that I have been asked by several people if I work for the Visitor’s Bureau!”

Vickie began her work in the community at age 12, when she began selling homemade crocheted dollies door to door to help an elderly friend with her income.  Over the years, she has sold advertising, cosmetics, fragrance, coffee, ceiling fans and lighting to name a few, noting that she has always loved sales and enjoyed meeting new people.

So, it is no surprise that Sales and Marketing, as well as Community Involvement have been Vickie’s focus at Innovation Commercial Flooring.  She says that she loves encouraging their sales force to learn effectual ways to connect flooring products and installation services to clients while building a community with them at same time.  Additionally, the company is seeking to build the community by providing jobs and career advancement opportunity for employees, which is the base for Innovation Commercial Floorings corporate culture, one of Vickie’s greatest points of pride for her company.


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