And speaking of New Year’s Resolutions…

  • By: Fresno Chamber Vice President/COO, Anna Borgeas

With each New Year, people (and organizations) have a chance to reinvent themselves – – – making plans each year for a sort of annual renaissance.  I mean, really, who hasn’t made at least one New Year’s resolution during the collective changing of calendars from one year to another?  Here at the Chamber, we are among the masses who have committed to a few New Year’s Resolutions:  1) The communal once-a-year pledge toward a healthier lifestyle for staff with an office-wide “Biggest Loser” contest for a little extra motivation – plans are already in place for exercise routines and sabotage by some of our more competitive team members… and 2) letting technology help us work smarter in order to maximize our member benefits.

While I am sure you are eagerly awaiting additional details to the office “Biggest Loser” contest and the aforementioned sabotage which will mean lots of goodies around the office after the 1st,   this article is going to focus on the latter resolution: technology upgrades.

Like our members, we are facing challenges regarding making the most of our time, funds and staff so the necessity to maximize the return on our efforts has never been greater. In evaluating our areas of opportunity, utilization of technology clearly has great potential to help us serve our members even better and it is clear that taking advantage of it in this coming year will bring our own little renaissance at the Chamber.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have been working with Eric Tienken of Tricycle, Inc. to redevelop our website – taking it from the 90’s format of a static business card available on the internet to a dynamic go-to site for all things Chamber.  Our new format will include regularly updated blogs and the most recent album of ribbon cuttings, it will highlight the latest in government regulation information that business owners need to know.  With the help of Mr. Tienken, your Chamber’s staff is turning into what we have always hoped it would be: your resource for all things business oriented in the Fresno area.

We have also entered the world of social media in full force, something that we recommend all of our members look into.  This medium is an incredibly powerful source of branding opportunities, a great venue to build relationships with clients, and an invaluable marketing tool that is above all, FREE.  While the time commitment needed to do it right can be significant, we can attest to the value of this online medium for taking business to the next level.   So when you see our Communications Manager, Rebecca Hellwig, aka Shutterbug Extraordinaire – – – know that your mug might land on our Facebook page or pop up as a Twit-pic! And we have even upgraded our hardware (read: fancy camera) and software (Photoshop can be VERY dangerous, but equally fun!) to ensure that we all look our best when being posted online.

The way we communicated back in 1885 (yes, we are that old) is vastly different from the way we communicate today, and it is essential that we diversify to accommodate the times and our many member’s various communications styles.  To maintain connectivity and relevance to our membership, we have had to change the way we reach out and we hope you will join us.

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