What do you want?

  • By: Fresno Chamber President/CEO, Al Smith


That question is the basis for everything the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce does on a day in and day out basis. When you write a check for membership in this – the largest business organization in the central Valley – knowing what you can expect for that investment just makes common sense. The return on investment – the proverbial ROI – comes back to our members on many levels.

Some members want networking – finding the forum to meet new members with the opportunity of doing business with this new acquaintance as well as the referrals they receive from the Chamber.

Some look for us to act as their representative to defend the business community against the smothering and ever-intrusive government regulations and the demands that makes operating a profitable business more complicated.

Many take advantage of the frequent seminars that are conducted on topics which can improve a company’s operations or the knowledge gained from committees like Leadership Fresno, the San Joaquin Political Academy, Business-Education, E.A.R.T.H. and others.

Others find benefit in the ability to showcase their products and services at such events like Business After Hours, the Valley’s largest business trade show.

In a recent survey of Fresno Chamber members, the vast majority (74%) indicated that most members feel the value of membership is worth their investment.  The nice thing to hear was that almost 22% said they received twice or more in value, than their dues investment.

How is it we have almost as many members (22%) feeling that they get twice the return out of the Chamber for what they invest – versus another group (26%) who feel their return is slightly lacking from what they invest?

Somewhere the communication of the Chamber benefits has not been communicated as effectively as it should.  So, if you are one of these 26%, we want to hear from you.

There are activities we have happening every day that we need to match up to your needs.  Pick an area and let’s talk about it.  Networking?  Education?  Advocating? Promoting a strong economy?

You should expect an ROI – whether as in individual company and the community at large. As the largest promoter of our community, we have an enthusiastic staff waiting to respond to your wishes.


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