Annual Audits


  • By: Fresno Chamber Vice President/COO, Anna Borgeas

Like most people, I cringe at the word audit. What’s worse, is the annual audit we go through and pay for (if that is not self-inflicted pain, I don’t know what is!) But while the word audit has turned into a dirty word, its process has been invaluable to the Chamber, helping us with what I like to call our “coming to our membership” moment.

Just like many of our member businesses, the Chamber must take inventory of what we do and how we do it to assess whether we are providing you – our member – true value in the most optimal way. With that end goal, last month your Chamber team took time away from the busy day to focus on what is most important – you. We reviewed all that we do and asked ourselves – What does this program do for our membership? Does this event provide value to our members? Do these issues this really matter?  In the day long session facilitate by Len Falter of FTM Leadership Services, our team outlined the three areas of focus over the next 18 months.

Membership Programs. Be it politics, agriculture, education or community service, the Chamber is involved in variety of activities. If you have an interest, chances are the Chamber has a program or committee that you will want to serve on. The real issue is what are we offering and are those programs what interest our members the most?

Communications and public relations. It really doesn’t matter what we do or how well we do it if we can’t communicate our message to you and to the community in general, our work is for not. This goes back to the proverbial tree in the forest. We need to throw a party in the forest to hear that tree fall. So the question is how do we do that effectively without turning into white noise?

Events. Anybody that is even remotely familiar with Chambers knows that we put on lots of events. From small network building mixers to 900 plus attendee luncheons, we have something of interest to most people. In today’s activity packed world, do we add events or subtract them?    Maybe we change them up?  (I am thinking a dunk tank with Al in his skivvies!)

So there you have it – a membership audit, a communications audit and an events audit. I will admit, it’s been painful at times and illuminating at others, but all in all, it was necessary so we can make sure we are offering you true value in the most optimal way.  We are, after all, here for you. We are your Chamber.

We would LOVE to hear from our membership. If you have any suggestions, please email them to

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